Wadi Al Arayesh Restaurant & Cafe

Catering Services

We value our reputation for Quality and Service to build a long-term successful and trustful relationship with our clients.

Catering Services

Wadi-Al-Arayesh has an experienced staff of culinarians who brings out extensive range of skills to prepare delicious food for your table.We constantly try creating new foods and cuisine on peoples’ demand, trying out new flavours, new dishes and new menus that becomes a part of our ongoing range.

What makes us unique from others?


We are well known for being flexible to any catering need, for us we maintain a quality and service. But 24 to 48 hours’ notice is preferred.

Affordable but Delicious

We understand you have many alternate options when it comes to catering. We honour ourselves with food quality and friendly staff with a big variable tied to your financial budget.


\ We work consistently to make a good relationship of open communication with our clients so that we can conclude their needs and offer our opinions to answer any further questions they have.

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